Chloe Hammond
Chloe Hammond was sentenced to five years after biting a woman's ear off in a road rage incident in March Facebook

An X-rated glamour model was sentenced to five years in jail after biting off part of a woman's ear in a road rage attack. The 27-year-old lost her temper on 19 March 2016 after being reprimanded for using her mobile phone while driving her Audi TT sports car.

Chloe Hammond was caught on video lunging towards 56-year-old Julie Holloway and latching onto her ear. Disturbing footage shows Hammond clamping her teeth down on Hollaway's ear, shaking her head "like a dog with a chew toy," and spitting out the severed ear on to the pavement.

According to the Evening Standard, Hammond denied intending to hurt Holloway, instead claiming she had a "blackout" during the attack. She was convicted by a jury at Southwark crown court in October.

Hammond was sentenced to five years on Monday (18 December) by Judge Bartle QC. "I'm sure you did not go out that day to do the appalling damage you did," the judge said.

He added that Holloway was physically and emotionally scarred, has felt "like a prisoner in my own home" and has struggled to return to normal life, the Evening Standard reported.

"I'm so scared to go out because there are nasty people around, it's a consistent worry," Holloway said in a victim impact statement.

"I accept you are genuinely remorseful for this appalling behaviour you exhibited, I accept what occurred was completely out of character," the judge said to Hammond.

Hammond, a professional glamour model with appearances on X-rated TV channel BabeStation, flew into a rage while driving along the Embankment. Holloway saw Hammond honking her horn and using her mobile while driving and tapped on her window to complain.

She flew out of her car and began chasing Holloway as she shouted and swore. The two women eventually began fighting. She can be seen on camera aiming a kick at Holloway, grabbing onto her hair and then biting her ear.

"I was in such shock that another human being could bite someone's ear off," Holloway tearfully told the court. According to the Evening Standard, Holloway underwent reconstructive surgery to her right ear.

Hammond drove after the incident but handed herself in to police custody two days later. She has been held in prison since her trial, when she was convicted of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.