The console gaming industry is now preparing for the next-generation shift this November. Meanwhile, gamers are now eagerly waiting for new information about the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Aside from early adopters, there are players who prefer to upgrade at a much later time. This allows them to have a better point of observation to compare which brand offers the best value. Thankfully, those who have an active subscription to Xbox Game Pass can enjoy several new titles added to the catalogue.

Unlike Sony's PlayStation Now, which lets players stream games from a vast library, Xbox Games Pass lets users download the games directly on their console's internal storage. Moreover, the selection is regularly updated with new titles. So far, the best value comes from the Ultimate version, which includes access to Project xCloud – a game streaming service supported by several devices. These are the latest updates for September.

The first one is "Crusader Kings III" from Paradox Interactive, which is a medieval strategy game. Gamers who love to play with other people can look forward to "The Jackbox Party Pack 4. Then there's the genre-defining survival horror installment "Resident Evil 7 Biohazard." A faster-paced alternative to Capcom's offering is "World War Z." Dontnod Entertainment presents the second chapter of "Tell Me Why." Rounding up the first collection is a side-scrolling action game "Touhou Luna Nights."

It does not end there as Xbox Game Pass subscribers will enjoy another lineup of titles from various genres the following week. Kicking it off is a squad-based strategy role-playing game "Star Renegades." For a humour-filled escapade with traditional strategy RPG elements, "Disgaea 4 Complete," should keep players entertained for hours. Motorsport aficionados, on the other hand, get to play "Hotshot Racing" – an arcade-style racer.

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Games Pass lets users download the games directly on their console's internal storage. (Photo: Microsoft)

Concluding the list is the third and final chapter of the DontNod Entertainment's "Tell Me Why" immersive adventure game. This is followed by Bungie's long-running science-fiction shooter franchise "Destiny 2: Shadowkeep & Forsaken." Earlier this year, Xbox chief Phil Spencer assured Xbox fans that it will continue to support its older consoles with cross-generation games and Xbox Game Pass.