Those closely following developments related to Microsoft's next-generation gaming venture might have read about a notorious leak in 2019. Hackers reportedly gained access to internal testing results from AMD which listed several chipsets in development at the time. Perhaps the most interesting tidbit of information was about two custom processors allegedly for two Xbox consoles codenamed "Project Scarlett" and "Project Lockhart" respectively. The former turned out to be the Xbox Series X and the latter was just confirmed by a leaked controller to be the Xbox Series S.

Unlike Sony, which announced two versions of the PS5, Microsoft only debuted one game system. However, supply chain insiders have been hinting at the existence of another one, which many are speculating to a lower-end model. So far, standard and Digital Edition PlayStation 5 share the same technical specifications except for the absence of a Blu-ray drive on the latter. According to The Verge, Twitter user @zakk_exe who goes by the name Zak S supposedly purchased the item from an undisclosed resale site.

Essentially, what confirms the Xbox Series S is the text listed on the packaging of the controller. The images shared on social media show several compatible platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Meanwhile, Microsoft has only revealed the Xbox Series X in one colour which is black. The retail box, on the other hand, indicates that the gamepad is in a "Robot White" colourway.

There have been hints of a second gaming machine in development, which was supported by official documents leaked in June. What followed was another leak in July wherein a purported Xbox Series X controller in white was shared on Reddit. The user who uploaded the photo -- Wolfy_Wizzardo -- claimed it was owned by a Microsoft employee's child. What immediately sets the accessory apart from the older version is the redesigned d-pad which matches what was already illustrated by the developers.

Xbox Gameplay Showcase 2020
Xbox Series X Microsoft/Official

Microsoft is expected to unveil the Xbox Series S this month. Among the specifications rumoured to include are the same CPU as the Xbox Series X, but a 4-teraflop GPU and 7.75 GB of RAM. As of late, the company has been criticised by video game pundits for its approach which places more importance on parity across all supported platforms instead of next-generation performance and experiences.