Microsoft is apparently on a roll as the Xbox Series X is receiving great publicity after its big reveal last year. The upcoming console debuted at The Game Awards 2019 and public interest continues to grow. Other factors that have contributed to its popularity are interviews with Xbox executive Phil Spencer, internal testing data leaks from AMD, and a recent mix-up at CES 2020 during a presentation hosted by the latter. The chipmaker eventually owned up to its mistake, but an updated render posted online is allegedly the accurate model.

Windows Central confirms that the renders flaunted by AMD were obtained from TurboSquid – a digital media service that offers 3D models for commercial use. Ever since the Xbox Series X was unveiled, consumers have been wondering about the rear section of the console. All promotional images available right now are curated to only show the new controller (which is supposedly a bit smaller) with a frontal shot of the body and a closeup of the top-mounted vent.

Since then, gamers have been curious as to what Microsoft has kept from view for a while now. Based on AMD's 3D renders, the port placement on the back is positioned to the lower-left corner. Furthermore, these are arranged in a straight line with an Ethernet port at the top, an optical audio port, two USB Type-C ports, two HDMI interfaces, and a port for the power cord.

Meanwhile, Brad Sams from Thurrot reportedly communicated with multiple insiders and came up with what might be the more accurate 3D model. What seems to be missing from AMD's renders was another set of vents. Spencer pointed out the Xbox engineers designed the cooling system for quiet operation. So far, the main vent was the only one visible from the images.

The latest renders show two addition intake vents flanking the arrangement of ports on the back. These are situated near the base of the console when it sits upright. Spencer already confirmed that users can position the Xbox Series X on its side as well. There is a total of three USB Type-A ports – one on the front and two on the back – with only a single HDMI out interface.

The rest include an optical SPDIF port and a figure-8 power socket. Finally, the render sports an undisclosed slot, which is speculated to be exclusive to dev kits only for debugging purposes. It is likely that the latter will not make it to the Xbox Series X retail units start shipping out later this year.

Xbox Series X makes its debut
Microsoft surprised those watching The Video Game Awards 2019 with the reveal of the Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft