It looks like there is no stopping Microsoft right now as it attempts to market its next-generation gaming system ahead of its biggest rival. The current console generation sees Sony still sitting on top with Nintendo closing the gap gradually. Meanwhile, the Xbox series is lagging behind by a significant margin even with the more powerful Xbox One X. Now that the Xbox Series is finally out in the open, the manufacturer is slowly sharing details about its features. Xbox executive Phil Spencer has been more forthcoming as of late in interviews where he talks about the machines bold new design.

On top of the surprise reveal at The Video Game Awards 2019, the upcoming home console generated a lot of publicity thanks to its unique form factor. For the longest time, various game systems have regularly featured rectangular shapes with the exception of the Nintendo GameCube. Now Microsoft has turned the Xbox Series X into a small tower that can be mistaken for a smart speaker or subwoofer.

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Nevertheless, the feedback has been generally positive about the Xbox Series X. On top of the monolithic shape, what caught the public's attention was the huge exhaust on top. Gaming industry sources are already aware that the console will be equipped with flagship specifications. With all the computing and graphical power in its disposal along with an NVMe SSD, it is expected to generate a lot of heat, as noted by GameSpot.

After learning its lesson with the Xbox 360's red ring of death fiasco due to overheating issues, Microsoft is approaching proper cooling solutions seriously. Dedicated gamers are aware of how crucial cooling systems are for performance and durability. However, the tradeoff is generally the machine emitting a lot of noise.

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Therefore, Microsoft's new form factor has a specific purpose. "What this design does, with the size of the fan that we built around, is let us match how quiet the Xbox One X is with all that power inside of the box," explains Spencer. Moreover, the Xbox chief claims that its design and acoustics make it a low-profile game system. "If I don't point it out, it just sits there and plays video games the way I want it to and I never heart it, just like how I don't hear my [Xbox One] X," he added.

Xbox Series X makes its debut
Microsoft surprised those watching The Video Game Awards 2019 with the reveal of the Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft