Move over Google translator and having to copy and paste paragraphs of texts for printouts in a language of your choice. With the new Xerox Easy translator's ConnectKey-enabled printers one can just scan a document or take photo of it and the printers will automatically print it out in the language you choose.

The feature currently available for only a few printers, lets you choose from 37 languages that you want the printout in. Users can also scan a page on their Xerox printers and instantly get a printed translation version in another language. iOS and Android users of the app can just click a photo of a document for instant translation without having to convert it into any word format.

The introductory offer from the company allows users to have 30 pages translated for free within 30 days after you register. After the trial period, one will have to pay $10 (£7) per for 10 pages of machine translation or 100 pages for $50. If offices or professionals want to buy a bulk package, Xerox will charge $5,000 for 100,000 translated pages, but the offer will only roll out in late April.

For those who do not trust the bots to do the translation for them, Xerox also offers the services of a human translator but it will cost at least 10 cents per word, which is much more expensive that the app's service.

For the innovative service of this app to work, you will of course need a compatible Xerox printer that will accept incoming documents from the app. Check out here if your office or home Xerox printer is compatible with this app.