China's President Xi Jinping met with Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in Buckingham Palace on Tuesday (20 October).

Xi pointed out the China-UK relations are becoming more mature and stable since its establishment 40 years ago. He said the economic and trade cooperation between China and the UK, as the "propeller" and "ballast", has a broad prospect. China is now making the 13th five-year plan and he believes its development will provide more opportunities for cooperation between the two countries.

The Chinese president also spoke highly of the contribution Labour has made to China-UK relations. He attached great importance to the party's role and influence on the UK's political life, hoping to keep communication and cooperation with the party.

Corbyn welcomed Xi on behalf of Labour and reflected the long and friendly history between the country and the party. He said China has helped more than 600 million people out of poverty. The party also agreed to enhance cooperation with China in international and regional affairs.