Lilliput has taken over social media by storm. The 'supermodel' pooch, a canine who belongs to the Maltese dog breed, has amassed a huge following on Instagram.

So, how many people follow Lilliput on the social media platform? You'll definitely be surprised by the number.

More than 100,000 people (and counting) follow eight-year-old Lilliput on Instagram. Well, you might have already guessed as to why the pooch has so many fans just by looking at her photos.

And we are quite smitten as well. Who can stop anyone from keeping a track of such an adorable dog like Lilliput?

The pooch is a model, who has worked for brands like River Island and celebrities like Pet Shop Boys.

You definitely would not want to miss any of Lilliput's updates with her owner posting adorable photos and videos of the pooch on Instagram just once in a month.

Lilliput's owner Marianne, who lives in North London, told the Mirror, "I was searching for a Maltese puppy and was offered one from a top breeder who won the breed's category at Crufts every year. When I got her as a puppy, little did I know Lills had ideas about making me fit around her vanity and self-promotional needs.

"Lilliput would say her posts are random ­ moments in her perfect glamorous life which she just happened to capture off the cuff," she said, but added, "The reality is she puts in more effort than the Beckhams and Kardashians combined."

Marianne said that it is quite a demanding task to get the cute photos as it takes hours to prep Lilliput.

"Most followers understand the humour and enjoy laughing at the parody," Marianne said. "Behind every manufactured ­ moment are hours of filtering, ­ airbrushing, cropping and bribing with fish treats to set unrealistic ­ standards of cuteness for her followers in the artificial world of social media."