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Usain Bolt after a sprint to the finish line - File photo Phil Noble/Reuters

Usain Bolt became the fastest man on earth by crossing the finish line of the 100 metres sprint in 9.58 seconds in the finals of the World Athletics Championships back in 2009. And the retired Jamaican sprinter's record still stands after eight long years.

Speaking to the Mirror, the Olympic gold medalist revealed the reason that drove him to become the fastest man on the planet. He said his father's strict timekeeping was the reason for the way he turned out, adding that his dad still reprimands him whenever he is late for anything.

"My dad Willis is a stickler for timekeeping. He'd rather be five hours early than a minute late and it's habitual for me to be the same," he told the publication.

He added, "If I was late, my dad would be upset with me because late is not an option. It's about good manners and respect. Now, I don't like people being late."

Bolt also disclosed that his mother Jennifer is the only woman in his life who can really make him cry.

"If mom's not happy, I'm not happy. If my mom gets sick or she's not happy, it upsets me and yeah, it makes me cry," he said.

The 31-year-old also said that he is a good-natured person even though people assume him to be arrogant because of the way he carries himself. Bolt said that when people saw him having some fun after finishing his races, they felt he was showing off. Bolt, however, added that a lot of people have told him that they initially thought he was cocky, but after meeting him in person, they changed their minds.

"You should never assume something about someone, especially if you have never met them. Again, it comes from my parents. My upbringing has been very steady and my parents would kick my a** if I changed, he said.

He added, "Even today, I can see the look in dad's eyes if something goes wrong. He might say something I disagree with and he looks at me with that expression. I have to say, 'Dad you can't whip my a**, calm down.'"