Soap Opera "The Young and the Restless" is gaining momentum after resuming its run following a long hiatus. Genoa City residents are back in action as drama and power play reaches new heights. Here are a few "Y&R" spoilers for the episodes airing in the week of Aug. 24 to 28.

[Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for all-new episodes of "Y&R."]

When the show opens with its first episode of the week, fans of Billy and Victoria can expect to enjoy a reunion of sorts. According to, the former couple will come together for a tender moment as they deal with a crisis situation together. Meanwhile, things are looking bleak for Adam and Sharon, as they find themselves in "dangerous territory."

Details on the website reveal that Adam is about to go missing leaving Sharon in a helpless situation. This will see the two ladies Sharon and Chelsea clashing once again. Sharon asks Victor for help in her search of Adam and heads to Kansas borrowing the Newman Jet. Chelsea, who believed Adam could be in Vegas, goes after Sharon when she finds out she approached Victor for help. Here, in Kansas, Chelsea makes a shocking discovery.

The drama surrounding Nate and Amanda's relationship begins to unfold when Devon questions their relationship. In the meantime, Phyllis is up to something and she finds help from Nick. Traci finds a new starting point in her life.

Some characters must prove themselves in the upcoming episodes. Theo is tested by Lola and Lily questions Billy's work ethics. Victor, who goes out of the way to help Adam, issues a warning to the latter's brother.

Elsewhere, Kyle and Lola find themselves in a highly charged atmosphere with each other. And Phyllis' plan seems to be working out in her favour as she comes close to achieving success.

More spoilers hint at a rare admission from Victoria. And Devon opens up about Hilary to Amanda.

The young and the restless
The young and the restless Sonja Flemming/CBS

"The Young and the Restless" airs weekdays at 12.30 pm ET on CBS.