Following the events of last week, things on "The Young and the Restless" are about to get explosive. Long-buried secrets are unraveled and traps are set. Fans are asked to expect the unexpected when the show returns with all-new episodes from Sept. 14 to 18. Here are a few spoilers for the next five chapters of the long-running series.

[Spoiler alert! This post contains spoilers for "The Young and the Restless" episodes. Do not read further if you don't wish to know more about it.]

The week on "The Young and the Restless" opens with some drama surrounding Kyle and Summer, according to To his surprise, Kyle will find Victor involved in his situation with Summer. He will have a hard time answering Victor's questions concerning his commitment to Summer. Also, Sharon will be rattled with a dream about Adam.

Moving forward to the next episode, the show will see Jack and Phyllis having a difficult conversation. During this rendezvous, Jack will show Phyllis the truth about her situation.

Next week, things are about to get tricky for Chelsea. A trap is set for her and she is possibly going to walk into it. Meanwhile, a lot is happening for Traci this week who will be delving into Dina's past. It is said that through her search, she will find a major "clue" unraveling the past of her mother.

Things continue to look bad for Adam as the week progresses. While there is not much mentioned about his situation, but Adam is going to find himself in a dire situation when Chance gives him an ultimatum. Elsewhere, Billy has his own plan in making and he is going to make sure that he stays ahead of Adam. The rivalry between the two never seems to come to an end.

More spoilers from the publication reveals that Amanda is in for a shock as her world takes an unexpected turn. Billy searches for an ally against Adam. And Chelsea is not letting Sharon off the hook so easy. She issues Sharon a warning.

The young and the restless
The young and the restless Sonja Flemming/CBS

"The Young and the Restless" airs Monday to Friday at 12.30 PM ET on CBS.