Young Sheldon episode 3
Sheldon with his grandmother and sister Missy in Young Sheldon CBS

After going on a hiatus for almost a month hit sitcom, Young Sheldon returns to TV with all-new episodes this Thursday (1 March) at 8:30 pm EST on CBS Network.

The upcoming episode is titled, Potato Salad, a Broomstick, and Dad's Whiskey, where Sheldon and his twin sister Missy have left home alone for the first time after mum, Mary takes up a job at the church.

The network has released several promos teasing what will happen in the chapter. In the first promo, we see Mary telling her husband George about the fun things she will get to do as church secretary. "I would be in charge of handling the maintenance issue, you know plumbing, electric and I will also head the planning committee for all the social events."

George, who is quietly listening to his wife, later asks, "What about the twins?" The second promo shows Mary asking her mother to babysit Sheldon and Missy, but she turns it down saying, "I am in the prime of my life. I got my aerobics and salsa dancing and my bowling league." But Mary intervenes, adding, "But you love your grandchildren."

But Meemaw is adamant in her stand. " I love ice cream too. But i don't want to eat it from 3 to 6, five days a week." In another preview, the voiceover says, "they are home alone, what could possibly go wrong?" as we see the twins freaking out and using the fire extinguisher on a potential intruder.

Here is the official synopsis for episode 14:

When Mary takes a job as church secretary, she finds herself becoming Pastor Jeff's (Matt Hobby)
marriage counselor. Also, Sheldon and Missy spend their first afternoon home alone.

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Talking about how he channels the little genius character, the actor explained, "I try to put myself in his shoes. By the way, his shoes are super awesome. They are the exact kind of shoes I would wear. He's like an awesome person. He has a kindness about him. He's like a floating cloud."