This Is Us Jack
Milo Ventimiglia as Jack in This Is Us series NBC

This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia celebrated wrapping up the second season of his hit NBC series, by shaving off his character's Jack Pearson's signature moustache, and fans are freaking out.

The 40-year-old Emmy nominee got rid of all of his facial hair and is seen sporting a clean-shaven look. Ventimiglia visited stylist Ashley Streicher for his fresh look and she posted the results on Instagram.

Posing alongside a dynamically different Ventimiglia, Streicher wrote on Instagram, "Keepin' it in the Fam #ThisIsUs end of season chop for @miloanthonyventimiglia ❤️ #momANDdad #jackANDrebecca#STRIIIKEhair #STRIIIKEinthemirror series."

This Is US fans rushed to the comments section to comment on the actor's new look, with one user asking, "Where is Jack?" another freaked out user said, "Don't cut his hair!!!! I loved his retro long hair! Ehhhh what the heck?!! Lol milo can do no wrong."

Most fans seemed to like his clean-shaven look. "Without the moustache.... I hardly recognised him he looks younger and thinner," said one fan, while another note that he "looks 10 yrs younger."

Another die-hard fan of Ventimiglia said, "Why is he literally one of the most beautiful humans."

Previously, the NBC star was seen sans his moustache in a photo posted to Twitter announcing the wrap on season 2 of the hit NBC show. He tweeted, "Officially wrapped #ThisIsUs season 2. Hope y'all enjoy the last few eps. Already can't wait to get back for season 3. "

Most of the fans are still reeling after discovering that Jack died in the hospital after rescuing his family and dog from their burning home.

Ventimiglia opened up to Entertainment Weekly on the heartbreaking twist about Jack's death. He said, "It's hard to say someone had a perfect death, but it really felt like a moment that was real, that you don't see, that doesn't carry this, "Yeah, okay, but..." I mean, his wife was eating a candy bar when she heard. Who does that as a writer? [creator] Dan Fogelman does —and it's heartbreaking and beautiful and it's unique."

The actor confirmed he will return for the upcoming season and admitted that there is lot of life left in Jack. He explained, "If Jack died in 1998, when the kids are 17, there's still a lot to know — different sides of him, what made him, what shaped him, what inspired his romance with his wife, what happened with he and his brother in war...."

"That we've invested as much as we have as an audience in 32 hours is pretty remarkable. There's a lot of life left in him — even in death, there's a lot of life left in Jack," Milo told EW.