Young teacher Jonathan Holt went for the most memorable proposal he could think of when decided to marry his partner Iris Howorth on 24 April.

He used the students of his partner Iris, a teacher like himself to propose to her in the middle of the classroom at New Orleans' Chalmette High where they both work.

He enlisted the help of his friend Jose Cotton to film the event and put it online. The video has since become an internet hit garnering over 600,000 views.

He asked the students to propose one after the other with rings made of candy to distract her and to try and make her laugh. The students did what was requested of them, bursting into laughter as they did it.

Holt eventually came in to the room and proposed to Iris himself and she responded with a resounding yes.

The couple then walked through the school with grins on their faces with the school band playing around them.