Jessica Shears
Love Island star Jessica Shears ITV Pictures

There has never been a dull moment with Love Island star Jessica Shears – with the model hitting the headlines for her sex tape, alleged tryst with Mike Thalatassis behind boyfriend Dom Lever's back and endless sponsored Instagram posts clogging up everyone's newsfeed.

But now, the 24-year-old is receiving more online abuse than ever – yup, even more than when she stole Dom off Montana in the villa – after YouTuber JMX has revealed why she is a "snake" in a new video released to his 2.2m subscribers.

The social media star alleges that he is the reason Jessica made it onto Love Island after the pair made videos together – with him boldly claiming: "She wouldn't have got onto Love Island if it weren't for me" and divulging that her Instagram following began to grow after she starred in his videos.

JMX claims that the pair were not a couple and that the pair were always just friends despite working together, until "she completely snaked me" he says.

"I just want to expose her as a snake. F**k her," he added.

JMX goes onto say that he plans to "go in" with exposing the reality star, claiming that he wants to "end her" in an upcoming video going ahead on Wednesday.

The FIFA gamer – real name Joel Morris – has featured Jessica in several of his videos but has not been given a mention since she shot to fame, leaving many of her followers commenting: "What about Joel?" on her Instagram pictures.

On her most recent snaps, many of her 1.2m followers have commented with just the snake emoji, with one user additionally writing: "Jmx made you u snake".

Another explained to one confused follower: "she is claimed to be a snake as she used jmx to get instagram followers and then once she had alot of followers she started ignoring him."

Someone else added: "she gave him no credit for him letting her in his YouTube videos".

Since starring on Love Island, Jessica has been a regular fixture in the tabloids and is pursuing a romance with Dom Lever, despite being accused of sleeping with fellow islander and semi-pro footballer Mike – also known as 'Muggy Mike'.