Zeddie Little
An image of the "Ridiculously Photogenic guy" Zeddie Little after the race from his Facebook fan page. Facebook.com

Zeddie Little is still all over the Internet and the latest news about the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy" is he apparently deleted his Twitter account! His fans, understandably, are heartbroken.

One girl went to the extent of saying that "she did not want to live on this planet anymore". Another person complained the only reason she joined Twitter was to follow Little.

There are several other tweets about Little and his photogenic smile. In fact, whole new terms and phrases were used to describe him... there were rumours of films and advertisement deals and there was criticism as much as there was praise. There was even a llittle comment about the Daily Mail's Samantha Bricks and Little having children together!

A look at the top ten interesting and funny tweets on the "Ridiculously Photogenic Guy"

1. Tyler Oakley ‏ @tyleroakley said: "Rejoice! Finnick Odair has FINALLY been cast! Sources report that the newest star of The Hunger Games saga will be Zeddie Little."

2. Zulaikha A. ‏ @zazue_wrote: "Always be yourself, unless you could be Zeddie Little. Always be Eddie Little."

3. Dan Leveille ‏ @danlev tweeted: "Samantha Brick and Zeddie Little would have the most beautiful baby ever"

4. ram(esh) ‏ @irraju said: "I smiled many times at the running events but ....sigh!"

5. Jared Lind ‏ @JaredLind commented: "ladies you will never again post a good-looking picture now that zeddie little's face is all over the internet"

6. Emily Bell ‏ @emeebell noted: "new term inspired by Zeddie Little (AKA Really Photogenic Guy): meme-ified - to be turned into a meme. a famous one. preferably overnight."

7. Hannah Webster ‏ @Phreakyh said, after the account was deleted: "Zeddie Little deleted his twitter and tumblr! HOW WILL WE SURVIVE WITHOUT YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE!!"

8. Elizabeth . ‏ @FancyElizabeth said: "Zeddie Little deleted his twitter account.. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I don't want to live on this planet anymore."

9. Marie Luisa Cuyugan ‏ @MarieLuisaCCC said: "Awww.. Zeddie Little deleted his twitter account. The number one reason I joined twitter gone. T.T"

10. Krishnaprasad P ‏ @krishnaprasad_p wrote: "If someone can look so handsome during marathon,i guess he deserves to be famous. Way to go, Zeddie Little!"