The 100 season 3 premiere
Clarke and Bellamy in The CW series The 100 The CW

The 100 season 3 will open with Bellamy resenting Clarke for abandoning everyone at Camp Jaha.

In the season 2 finale, Clarke was forced to kill men, women and children inside Mount Weather including Maya in a bid to save her people. By the end of the episode, Clarke decides to pack her bags and head out on her own,

According to showrunner Rothenberg, "He [Bellamy] understands why she [Clarke] had to go, but he definitely resents her for it."

The 100 writer Aaron Ginsburg painted a grim, but entertaining picture of what's in store for the show when it returns in 2016.

"I can tell you that all the work we are doing right now in the writers' room is incredible," Ginsburg teased. "We are pushing the boundaries of our storytelling more and more, we are expanding the world of our series and delving deeper into the characters you love. Next season is going to be brutal, I won't lie, but I truly think you'll be satisfied by what we have to share."

Warning: Potential spoiler ahead, proceed at your own risk.

Time Jump: The 100 will kick off season 3 with a time jump. "We are going to have our first time jump between seasons," Jason Rothenberg told fans at Comic-Con 2015. "We're going to pick things up a couple months after Clarke bailed on her people."

Clarke dealing with Mount Weather massacre: Clarke may have saved the sky people, but the sacrifices she made, including mercy killing Finn will be too much to handle.

Eliza Taylor who plays Clarke teased, "What she did at the end of the season was so huge and traumatic. She's running away, which is very un-Clarke-like. When we pick things up, I think she's going to be losing it a little... She's not dealing with it particularly well."

Bellamy steps up as Hero: In Clarke's absence, Bellamy will continue to help lead the Sky People, as the third season progresses, the warrior will be in for a bumpy ride.

"Well, he's going to have a rough season, let's put it like that," Jason Rothenberg teased. "But we're going to love it, going to love him, for it."

Octavia will be conflicted: Octavia faces an uphill battle in returning to Camp Jaha after being abandoned by the Grounders.

Marie Avgeropoulos (Octavia) said, "Octavia hasn't really fit in anywhere growing up under the floor. Through Lincoln, she really found her place within the world with the Grounders and they really brought out the warrior in her. I think she'll have a hard time going back to [Camp Jaha] and have some resentment toward them."

Jaha's new storyline: The season 2 finale ended with Jaha (Isaiah Washington) discovering the mansion and the mysterious AI, who appears to have nefarious goals, will play a big role in the third season.

"The [AI] story really sets us in a new much more science fiction direction," Rothenberg said. "We started the show as a real hardcore sci-fi show in space. Obviously we lost that and I really missed that. This lets us get back to the hardcore sci-fi."

The 100 season 3 is likely to premiere in January 2016.