The 100 season 3 premiere
Clarke and Bellamy in The CW series The 100 The CW

The 100 season 2 finale saw Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) using radiation to kill all the Mountain Men, including Maya (Eve Harlow).

By the end of the episode, Clarke decides to pack her bags and head out on her own, while Jaha (Isaiah Washington) and Murphy (Richard Harmon) both encounter clues to what happened to life on Earth 97 years ago.

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg teased Clarke and Bellamy's future from the season 2 finale fallout.

Rothenberg told E! News,"He was hoping that they'd finally be able to now come home and have some sort of normalcy. They've made it! They're back! 'Let's go have a drink,' he says, before he realizes she's not coming in."

Rothenberg explains that even though Clarke has left Bellamy, and Bellamy let her go with a kiss on the cheek and a "May we meet again," that doesn't mean their connection is gone too.

"It's clear to me that these two people have come to need each other and respect each other and love each other on some pretty deep level," Rothenberg said.

"Obviously it's not romantic, certainly for Clarke anyway, and it's never been vocalized that it is for Bellamy either. You could read as much as you want in their body language and their eyes, but that's something that is being put off again as a result of Clarke's walkabout."

"But you know what, the truth is that I'm not deliberately toying with [Bellarke]! It's just the story that we're telling now," he promised.

"If it makes sense at some point, it will happen. If people really want it right now, the Bellamy/Clarke thing, I highly, highly recommend that they read the books. It's in the books! It's a very tense part of the books. If you want that right now, you can get it. At some point, the show will give it to you too, but for now, it's not there."

While the third season of 100 is scheduled to premiere in midseason, series creator Jason Rothenberg revealed that the plot of the show has been "all mapped out."

Rothenberg answered a fan question on Twitter, asking if they have already finished planning the rest of the story for the entire season 3, and also teased premiere plot details.

"Get Down," will be Bellamy's (Bob Morley) words in The 100 season 3 opener, the producer revealed, adding that Clarke will meet new people on her journey.

The 100 season 3 will premiere in fall 2015.