The couple who won the Euromillions lottery jackpot worth £114.9 million in 2019 have revealed they have already given away half of their winnings to help people in need. Frances and Patrick Connolly, who live north east of England, won their eye popping lottery prize on New Year's Day of 2019.

According to Frances, 54, the first thing she did after her win was to make a list of 50 friends and family she wanted to help. But their charity extended beyond family and friends as the husband and wife had also set up two charities to help the most vulnerable people in-need in their area.

Describing how they celebrated their win, the couple said they gave each other a hug and enjoyed a cup of tea as they vowed not to become part of the "jet set."

Frances described the past two years after the lottery changed their fortunes, and said it had been "an absolutely manic whirlwind and a total joyride from start to finish."

Because the couple had been so generous, a scrapbook filled with 300 thank you cards can be found in their home from people whose lives the couple helped change despite never having met them.

The most recent act of kindness the couple did was a donation of 1,000 gifts to patients who will be spending Christmas at their local hospitals. They also treated young carers at Easter Ravens Trust to a batch of 40 new desktop computers and 20 laptops along with Wifi dongles. They also bought new machines for a sewing group in Northern Ireland that was making PPEs. The couple also purchased computers for children stuck at home who had no way of accessing online education materials.

According to their story on the Daily Mail, the generous couple have so far given away £60million of their prize winnings to friends, family and good causes in what National Lottery operator Camelot said is one of the biggest ever giveaways.

The couple did splurge using a small amount of their winnings. Patrick gifted Frances with a second hand Jaguar which was the same model as one she had owned more than a decade earlier. Frances said that so far she has only really splashed the cash once, on a pair of earrings and only recently did she treat herself to a brand new car - an E-Pace Jaguar - after years of driving second-hand models.

They also gifted all their nieces and nephews enough money to purchase their own homes.

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