Law enforcement officials in the US have intensified efforts in the manhunt for Joseph Jakubowski, who is accused of stealing a large number of firearms from a store and mailing an anti-government manifesto for President Donald Trump.

The 32-year-old is considered "armed and dangerous" after he allegedly stole 16 high-calibre rifles and handguns from the Armageddon Gun Shop in Janesville, Wisconsin on Tuesday (4 April). Police were later called to reports of a car fire shortly after the burglary and discovered the vehicle belonged to the suspect.

More than 150 law enforcement officials at a local, state and federal level are involved in trying to track Jakubowski down, according to NBC News.

Concerned by Jakubowski's anti-religious views expressed in the 161-page manifesto – which was sent to Trump at the White House – authorities stepped up patrols around places of worship on Sunday (9 April).

Earlier in the week, police said a man matching Jakubowski's appearance visited the Bethlehem Lutheran Church to ask about services, but it was later confirmed that he is not the suspect.

The search for Jakubowski is now on a nationwide scale and the FBI is offering a $10,000 reward (£8,000) reward for information leading to his arrest.

Investigators have followed up on around 400 tips as the search continues, Fox News reported.

Authorities have warned the public not to approach Jakubowski and to call 911 immediately if they spot him.

At a press conference on Friday (7 April), police said the suspect was "highly agitated" by recent US politics and an acquaintance of his alleged that Jakubowski had spoken of a plot to steal firearms and launch an unspecified attack.

"Basically he's angry at all government officials," Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden said at the press conference.

"Whether it's the president or whether it's local officials or whether it's law enforcement, he has a dislike for anyone that has authority or governmental power," he added.

Jakubowski is described as 5ft 10 inches tall and weighs around 200lbs. He has green eyes and brown hair.