London buses
On Wednesday 27 September, a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death after getting off of a bus in Croydon. Reuters/HANNAH MCKAY

On Wednesday 27 September, a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death after getting off a bus in Croydon.

It was reported that the year 11 student had gotten off of the 60 bus with her group of friends before she was attacked.

The murder occurred during the morning rush hour, 8:30 a.m., and saw the teenager stabbed in the neck with a foot-long knife – equal to 30 centimetres long.

Within two minutes, police arrived at the scene.

Shortly after the girls' death, at 9:21, a 17-year-old boy who is thought to be known by the victim, was arrested and taken into custody.

Metropolitan Police Officer Andy Brittan announced: "Within 75 minutes a 17-year-old boy was arrested in New Addington, and remains in custody."

Witnesses told the police that there was an argument that involved the boy who attempted to gift flowers to the girl or her friend. Still, the Metropolitan Police are continuing to urge the public to come forward with any additional information.

Officer Brittain told reporters that they were supporting the family, who are coming to terms with "the most tragic news" which is undoubtedly "every parent's worst nightmare".

"I am in contact with the local community, who are clearly as concerned as we are about this tragic incident," Officer Brittan continued.

The victim has since been described as "much loved", "jovial" and "comedic" as the public paid tribute to her, leaving cards and flowers near the scene where the stabbing took place.

One of the cards read: "Sorry we live in this crazy world, this makes no sense. Fly high up there, my mummy will look after you. RIP beautiful, forever young, taken too soon."

The 15-year-old's school, where she was thought to be heading on the morning of her death, called her a "valued pupil and friend".

Speaking of the Croydon community uniting in a time of grief, Officer Brittan said that it was "moving and humbling to meet many members of the exceptional Croydon community who have come together in support of a family now dealing with the most unimaginable grief."

Shortly after the girls' death, a 17-year-old boy who is thought to be known by the victim was arrested and taken into custody.

The 15-year-old's death marks the 15th teenage victim of homicide in London this year. The list of teenage victims is as follows:

  • 17-year-old Chima Osuji was stabbed after being chased by an attacker in East London.
  • 17-year-old, Tyler Mcdermott was fatally shot in Tottenham, North London.
  • 18-year-old Wazabakana Elenda Jordan Kakabu, known as Jordan Kakabu, was stabbed to death near Dagenham Heathway Underground Station.
  • 16-year-old Renell Charles was fatally stabbed in the chest near Kelmscott School in Walthamstow.
  • 17-year-old Khaled Saleh was found dead with stab wounds in Central London.
  • 17-year-old Victor Lee was also found deceased in a canal under Scrubs Lane in West London, due to multiple stab wounds.
  • 15-year-old Leonardo Reid was fatally stabbed while filming a music video in Archway, North London.
  • 18-year-old Andre Salmon was fatally shot in his chest in Tottenham, North London.
  • 16-year-old Rahaan Ahmed Amin was stabbed in the heart in West Ham Park, East London.
  • 17-year-old Claudyo Jauad Lafayette was stabbed to death in a street fight after a birthday celebration in Kilburn, North West London.
  • 19-year-old Stefan Valentine Balaban was fatally stabbed in Edgware, North London.
  • 18-year-old Yusuf Mohamoud was found dead with multiple knife injuries on Regent's Park Road in Finchley, North London.
  • 19-year-old Anis Omar Zen was stabbed to death in Stanmore, North London.
  • 19-year-old Max Moy Wheatley was fatally stabbed in Jubilee Country Park in South East London.

Anthony King, the Chair of My Ends, a community-led youth programme that sets out to reduce crime in Croydon, said that, like many other victims, the girl had "a bright future ahead of her".

Speaking of the victim's family, King added: "This is the fourth or fifth time that I've had to look a parent in the eye and tell them their child has died. It's the worst day of my life and I can't imagine what that feeling is like [for them]."