A student in Colombia has reportedly died after slipping on wet rocks and plummeting 90m to her death while trying to take a selfie at a waterfall. The 19-year-old woman, a student at Universidad Industrial de Santander in Columbia, was named locally as Zaira Jimena Noguera Sánchez.

National newspaper El Espectador reported that Noguera Sanchez was standing on an upper section of the waterfall attempting to take a selfie including the lush landscape around her, when the wet rocks caused her to slip and fall to her death.

The incident took place around the Mantel of the Virgin waterfall in Gambita in the Santader region.

Local officials said that it was the first time they had heard of such an incident taking place and urged people to take caution at tourist sites. The site was not officially designated a tourist site, the paper reported, but is often visited as such.

Vanguardia.com reported that while fellow visitors attempted to help Nogeura Sanchez, there was nothing they could do. She died at the scene.

On a Facebook page attributed to Neguera Sanchez by local media, people left messages showing their sadness at the loss. "Smiling always," one user commented on a photo, adding "we will never forget your beautiful smile."

Another said "she will always live on in our hearts. She was the best. She always knew how to get a smile." While another wrote: "What a great sadness you leave in our hearts."