The Big Bang Theory season 10
The Big Bang Theory season 10 premieres 19 September CBS

Executive producer of The Big Bang Theory, Steve Molaro, attended the San Diego Comic-Con panel and revealed some interesting details about season 10 of the CBS show, which is set to premiere on 19 September at 8pm EST on its network.

He spoke about how the show could possibly end, confirmed a road trip for Sheldon and Amy, and shared some casting updates regarding Penny's family. IBTimes UK has compiled a list of five major announcements made by the cast and crew of The Big Bang Theory at Comic-Con 2016.

1. Fans will finally get to see meet Penny's family in season 10. The 8 Simple Rules actress Katey Sagal has been roped in to play Penny's mother on the show. Molaro said at the panel: "We are finally going to meet more of Penny's family. We're going to be meeting Penny's mom and her brother in the first episode back. We're super excited that Katey Sagal will be playing Penny's mom."

2. Actor Jack McBrayer will play Penny's brother Randal in the show. Speaking of McBrayer's character, Molaro said, "He's a drug dealer and he has just gotten out of prison. We needed to find the right person to get for this. I think we did a pretty good job on the casting. He's a little scary."

3. Molaro also replied to a fan query about the show's endgame, and admitted that it's too soon to think about it. "I'm not gonna tell you. There's been a few thoughts that have floated around, but we don't really know how long the show's going to go on for, so I think it's a little early for us to be thinking about an end point," he said.

4. There is some good news for Shamy fans as well. According to the showrunner, "Sheldon and Amy [will] go to what we know is a real-life flag convention."

5.The Big Bang Theory season 10 will also address Penny's career as a sales representative. The aspiring actress, who switched her profession in season 8, is making a lot of money, but she is not happy with her job. Molaro said, "We're still figuring things out; I think she's in an interesting and relatable place. She's going to start to weigh her options."