A five-year-old boy has died after being found in a day care van in West Memphis, Arkansas.

Local police said that the boy had been picked up by Ascent Children's Health Services at around 7am but never made it off the van.

It appears that despite there being two adults on board, a driver and a child monitor, they missed the boy while taking the other children off.

The boy was then found at 3.30pm when day centre staff were preparing the van to take the children home. By that time the five-year-old couldn't be resuscitated.

Speaking about the incident on 12 June, West Memphis police captain Joe Baker said: "He had no disabilities that prevented... he was mobile, he was also vocal."

Police also suggested that the heat was the most likely cause of death with the outdoor temperature at around 30C, while the temperature inside the vehicle probably reached over 50C.

Ascent Children's Health Services describe themselves as a "leading provider of community-based programs providing early developmental intervention day treatment services and mental health services to infants, children, adolescents and families in Arkansas."

Police and the Department of Human Services are investigating possible negligence by multiple people.

According to WREG news, the centre has never had previous issues with the police but they did uncover a series of violations in inspections including:

In March 2017: Trampolines shall not be used. (Therapeutic use of trampolines is acceptable if supervised by the therapist on a one-on-one basis.)

Also, March 2017: Slides shall have a transition platform of at least 14 inches deep for preschool and school age children, and 19 inches deep for toddler.

August 2016: Medicine shall be kept out of the reach of the children when dispensing and shall be stored in a locked area at all other times.