Dark Net Cyber Monday Discounts
The Dark Net markets are offering discounts for Cyber Monday on drugs, stolen credit cards, electronics and pharmaceuticals. Getty

Fancy getting 50% off LSD? Or vials of botox with a 66% discount off their normal price? What about credit cards with balances of $3000 or more for $45?

These may not be the typical Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals you will see from Amazon, Tesco or Argos, but on the part of the internet which is not available through typical browsers, these are the types of deals which are currently attracting people's attention.

While the dark web remains a no-go zone for the vast majority of online shoppers, its popularity has risen significantly in the last couple of years as media coverage of the Silk Road marketplace and its ilk have sparked the curiosity of many to take a walk on the dark side of the internet.

Those visiting over the last few days will have been greeted by a mirror image of the traditional web, with merchants in marketplaces like Silk Road offering illicit products and services for discount prices, as they attempt to cash in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday phenomena.

Dark Net Cyber Monday Discounts

According to Centient, a company which specialises in all things to do with the dark web, everything from fake IDs and counterfeit products to weapons, illegal drugs and pharmaceutical products were on sale over the weekend with sales continuing on Cyber Monday.

"Despite law enforcement efforts to take these sites down, we are starting to see an influx of adverts towards Black Friday with two of the remaining major markets currently boasting over 20000 adverts," said Benjamin Ali, senior investigator at Centient. "These two marketplaces have seen a growth in both the number of vendors and adverts on these sites, mainly due to not wanting to miss out on trade."

Listed below are some of the more interesting deals on offer to those looking to buy illegal items on the dark net:

  • 50% off LSD
  • Buy 3 get one free on liquid mushrooms
  • UK Top range mobile phones reduced to £100 - £150
  • UK Credit cards buy 2 get 1 free
  • Cash Out PayPal account 20% off
  • 1oz of marijuana reduced to $200
  • Free Suboxone with any orders over $50
  • Free Delivery on various drugs
  • Hacked Next.co.uk with £1500 or £500 credit 30% off