Nigeria Police
The alleged incident took place on 27 October in the Ogudu area - Representational Image PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images

The Osun State Police Command in Nigeria on Monday (30 October) informed reporters that a 29-year-old man had been arrested for allegedly raping an 85-year-old woman to coma at the town of Ilesa in the state.

According to Fimihan Adeoye, the commissioner of police in the state, the incident took place in the Ogudu area on 27 October at around 11pm local time (10pm GMT). The suspect is said to have entered the victim's residence and forcefully assaulted her.

The man, Kehinde Ariyo who lives in the same area as that of the victim, had also gone for some household tasks to the old woman's house several times in the past.

He is said to have broken the door of the victim's house to commit the offence.

Adeoye said that the woman sustained various degrees of injuries on her body, including her private organ. She eventually passed out during the assault before she was resuscitated at a private hospital.

"The woman passed out during the rape, but came back to life after some hours. The suspect was arrested the next day. This is the height of wickedness in our society. The boy injured the woman in the process, but she has been treated," Adeoye was quoted as saying by the Today Nigeria news website.

According to reports, Ariyo has admitted having committed the crime. He said that he was too drunk at the time of committing this heinous act.

"I only had two rounds with her and she did not faint. I was arrested the next day when I was woken up. Some people poured water on me when I was asleep, and I saw some policemen.

"What happened was that I stayed late at a party. On my way home, I decided to sleep over at Mama's place. I knocked and she opened the door for me. I explained to her that I couldn't get home that night since it was around 11pm."

"Mama asked me to sleep on a couch in the passage. I was already drunk and did not know what happened afterwards," Ariyo was quoted as saying by The Nation news website.