Edinburgh High Court
Christine 'Chris' Wilson tricked girls into having sex with her (Wiki Commons) Wiki Commons

A woman from Aberdeen has appeared in court for luring two underage girls into sexual relationships by pretending to be a teenage boy.

Christine Wilson pretended to be a boy called Chris to trick two 15-year-olds into having sex with her, the High Court in Edinburgh heard.

With her second victim, Wilson used a sex toy in order to make the girl think she was a man on two occasions.

The 25-year-old pled guilty to two charges of obtaining sexual intimacy by fraud.

She met her first victim in 2008 just before the girl's 16<sup>th birthday and they started to have sexual contact.

Wilson avoided being found out by stopping the girl before her gender would be revealed.

The girl discovered that Wilson was a woman when she received an email containing a copy of the accused's passport, which showed her true gender.

Wilson met her second victim at an amusement park in 2010. She began a relationship that developed so far that the girl believed she was in love with 'Chris'.

News shocked complainant

The girl found out when the police investigating the first case got in touch with her, by which point Wilson had already ended the relationship.

Prosecuting, Jane Farquharson said: "This was the complainer's first experience of what she thought had been sexual intercourse and both declared their love for each other. The complainer felt having had sex with the accused made their relationship stronger.

"The complainer had what she believed to be sexual intercourse on one further conviction. Again this intimacy was described to be under the covers so they did not see each other naked.

"Police confirmed the accused was in fact female. This news shocked the complainer, who found it difficult to believe it was true.

"On finding out the accused's true identity, the complainer struggled to come to terms with the accused's deceit."

Shelagh McCall, defending, said Wilson has a gender identity disorder and is planning to undergo reassignment therapy in the future to become a man.

Judge Lord Bannatyne delayed sentencing Wilson in order for the court to obtain reports.

This follows a similar case from 2011, where Samantha Brooks posed as a man for nine years during which time she had sexual relationships with two women.

The case against Brooks was eventually dropped by prosecutors after witnesses refused to cooperate.