A man who abused his partner and threatened to give her a "broken nose for Christmas" has been jailed.

Carl Tennant, 34, assaulted his girlfriend last October after complaining that his breakfast was not ready. The man pushed her, threw a piece of metal at her and lifted her up by her ankles, the Newcastle Crown Court heard.

When he noticed that she was bleeding, he dragged her upstairs and threw her fully clothed into a full bathtub.

The victim, who has not been named, went to hospital as she needed stitches to her forehead and suffered bruising to her arms and upper body. At the time, she told doctors she had fallen over.

A few weeks later, Tennant spat in her face and told her he would give her a "broken nose for Christmas" before he headbutted her in the face.

After this latest episode of violence, which occurred while the victim's son was in the house, the woman reported him to the police.

Tennant, from Bedlington, Northumberland, was jailed for 18 months,according to the Chronicle Live.

Prosecutor Kevin Wardlaw said: "She describes - although he doesn't face any charge relating to controlling behaviour - but through the relationship she found him controlling, adopting a particular view of how their relationship should progress. She would say he controlled almost every aspect of her life."

Recorder William Lowe QC told Tennant: "I recognise you fall to be considered by me as a man of good character but your attitude towards the victim of these assaults was really appalling.

"You sought to snuff out any independence she had. You discouraged her from making journeys of 30 miles or so to see her family and friends and you regarded her as someone whose primary duty was to serve and look after you."