Students at a graduation
Students came forward with the reported abuses to a teacher at a literary festival in Kalmar, Sweden Getty

Pupils in the city of Kalmar in southern Sweden came forward this week to tell of abusive initiation ceremonies at elite clubs in the city's high schools. Hazing rituals involving sex toys and students being filmed stripping were allegedly undergone by pupils wanting access to social clubs at the schools.

The students came forward to a teacher at a literature event in the city after they had been learning about sexual violence and power structures, reports The teacher spoke to the media anonymously and said that students had submitted a letter to the head of high schools in the region.

"The students asked me to bring forward what they had to say," the teacher told Swedish public service broadcaster, STV. "They feel that they have pointed out these abuses in the past but have never been listened to."

According to the students, entrance rituals included undressing in public and sucking on a dildo while being filmed. The teacher spoke of a particular group called Bara Honor, meaning Only Females in English, which told students trying to join to "dance sexy and take off their clothes while they were filmed". The group allegedly gave priority membership to girls with larger breasts.

The abuse was not only girls abusing other girls, the teacher said other incidents mentioned to her by the students from Jenny Nyströmsskolan, Lars Kaggskolan and Stagneliusskolan included "boys-on-boys, boys-on-girls... and violations against LGBT people". Some of the groups are thought to be official student bodies recognised by the schools.

SVT reported that the Lars Kaggskolan student association denied any link to the alleged abuses and the other schools have yet to comment.