Three men who attacked a mum with acid as she collected her children from school have been jailed.

The incident took place in a busy east London street full of pupils going home from Upton Cross Primary School in Newham.

Yannick Ntesa, 25, laughed as he threw acid onto the woman's body and it burned through her clothes.

She screamed for help in front of stunned bystanders. Some of the corrosive liquid splashed on to her sons' school satchels and also on to the anorak of a young girl nearby.

The victim fled for help to a nearby house, where she tore off the clothes which were burning. Despite her own efforts and those of friends, the attack in 2011 left her with "horrendous burns," according to police.

Now the disfigured woman spends every day in discomfort, Blackfriars Crown Court heared.

Speaking in the aftermath of the incident, the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told local press: "I saw a man approach me who was carrying something in a bottle.

"He threw it over me and after a few seconds it started burning. I was crying: 'Please help me! Please help me!' Everyone was shocked."

Ntesa, Abdul Motin, 28, and Ahad Miah, 31, were jailed for a total of 44 years for the acid attack, after being convicted of grievous bodily harm (GBH) with acid, as well as conspiracy to commit GBH.

Det Insp John Reynolds, of Newham police, said: "This was a truly shocking attack on a mother who had her two very young children with her at the time.

"It was only by chance that those children were not seriously injured. They did however suffer terrible shock from seeing their own mother so horrifically assaulted.

"The victim in this case is entirely innocent but will now spend the rest of her life having to adjust to the severe disfigurement inflicted on her.

"This sentencing demonstrates just how seriously the Met police and the courts treat such incidents. Those responsible have been bought to justice and we can only hope it brings some small comfort to the victim."