Hitler produced thousands of paintings as a young struggling artist before joining the Bavarian Army at the outbreak of World War I
He went that way? Adolf Hitler was thought to be hiding in Argentina by FBI chief J Edgar Hoover Getty

Adolf Hitler was hunted in Argentina by FBI agents because the Fuhrer of Nazi Germany was thought to have fled there while Berlin burned during the dying embers of the second world war.

Newly declassified papers from the archives of the Federal Bureau of Investigatons reveal a mision was authorised to hunt Hiter in the South American Country.

Contemparanious documents spoke about the crazed warlord in the present tense as if he was still alive, instead of having perished in flames in the capital city of his thousand year Reich as the Red Army closed in.

Agents sent to find him were given a physical description - hard to believe that one was considered necessary. It said: "He is suffering asthma and ulcers, and has shaved off his moustache."

An informant supplied directions to where the Fuhrer was supposedly holed up inside a heavily fortified compound, saying: "If you will go to a hotel in San Antonio, Argentina, I will arrange for a man to meet you there and locate the ranch where Hitler is.

"It is heavily guarded of course, and you will be risking your life to go there."

The new details about the search of Hitler come after an author claimed the race-hate mad man survived the war and then settled down in Brazil with a wife - who was black.

According to writer Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, HItler actually died in Brazil in 1984, aged 95. She identified Hitler by drawing a moustache on a blurry photograph of a local man from his village, who was known as the 'Old German.'