Viral video
Twins caught on baby-cam sneaking out of their cots at midnight Caters Clips/ youtube screenshot

An adorable video, which shows identical twins help each other climb out of their cribs in the middle of the night, has captured internet's attention. The New Jersey-based toddler twin boys - Greyson and Judah Alders – were caught going about their midnight shenanigans by their mother.

Chelsea Alders, who learnt about her twins' night-time adventures later, was reportedly stunned when she reviewed the footage. "When I tell you it is always something with these two it seriously is," she quipped.

Chelsea, who is a placenta specialist, says her twins are very different from each other. She also has an18-month-old daughter, Summer.

"Greyson is strong willed - he is a bit more calculated and very funny when he wants to be," she told Daily Mail adding, "Judah is fiercely independent- if my other two go right, he goes left."

In a compilation of the midnight footages, Greyson is first seen jumping into his brother's crib for some help with his pajamas. Later, he successfully climbs out of the towering sides of the cots with a little push from Judah.

The surprised mother claimed that the videos caught on her baby-cam prompted an "are you freaking kidding me" reaction. "Every time I think I have child proofed or we are settling in to a new normal, they start trying something new like this," she said.

"They realized they could get out altogether and not just into each other's cribs," the mother-of-three explains adding, "You have to love Judah's extra little push to get Greyson out of the crib."

At one point of time, the twins take double trouble to another level, as one of them is seen sitting on another's head in an attempt to wake him up for some mid-night fun. "Judah gets so annoyed but he never actually woke up," Chelsea added.

The heartwarming video, since being shared on Youtube by Caters Clips, has gone viral with thousands of views. Check it out below: