The Claire Parry murder trial continued on Tuesday, October 13, as police constable Timothy Brehmer admitted to manslaughter but denied murder. The police officer told the court that he was trying to "robustly" get the woman out of the car when he ended up fatally injuring her. Salisbury Crown Court heard that on May 9, 2020, the officer strangled his lover using the crook of his forearm with immense force that broke a bone in her neck. The incident reportedly took place after the woman tried to reveal the affair to his wife.

After having an affair with Brehmer for around 10 years, Parry reportedly found out that he had been having affairs with other women as well. The nurse was also having troubles with her own husband. Convinced that her marriage and her affair were coming to an end, the woman decided to reveal the adulterous relationship to her lover's wife.

In May, the pair met in the car park of Horns Inn in West Parley, Dorset. The couple, both 41, were in the officer's car when they started to argue. Parry had reportedly managed to send a message from Brehmer's phone to his wife, stating that he was cheating on her. Infuriated by the woman's actions, the man strangled her using the crook of his forearm.

Once Parry was unresponsive, he exited the car. Eventually, emergency services were alerted of the incident. The victim was taken to Royal Bournemouth but she succumbed to her injuries the following day. A post mortem revealed that the woman had been strangled with such immense force that a bone in her neck was broken.

Prosecutor Richard Smith told the court that Parry had been planning to reveal the affair to Brehmer's wife for some time. The police found an unsent note on the woman's phone which had details of the affair, the Guardian reported.

Brehmer told the court that he had been trying to get Parry out of the vehicle and had not intended to harm her. He admitted causing his lover's death but denied murder. Smith claims that the accused "angrily and deliberately" strangled the victim.

The trial continues.

Police officer strangled lover to death after she tried to reveal affair to his wife. (representational image) getty images