The Affair season 3
The Affair season 3 will premiere on 20 November on Showtime Showtime

Showtime has released the premiere date for The Affair season 3. The drama of trust, deceit, and mystery involving Noah Solloway, Alison, Helen, and Cole Lockhart continues on 20 November (Sunday) at 10pm EST.

Season 2 of Affair ended with fans finally finding out who killed Scott Lockhart in flashbacks. It turns out Helen was the one driving the car that ran into him, but it was Alison who pushed Scotty towards the car. But coming back to the trial, Noah, unable to decide whom to choose, takes the fall for both Helen and Alison, and confessed to killing Cole's brother.

Maura Tierney, who plays Helen in the show, spoke about season 3 in an interview with Gold Derby. The actress said, "The show is interesting to me because it's always about people's darker impulses".

Tierney explained, "Nobody's in the clear in season three. Every season it's about the consequences of the choices made in the previous season, so it's going to be tricky for everyone in season three." It looks like there is a lot of drama ahead for Noah, Alison and Helen in season 3.

Tierney won the best supporting actress for TV for playing Helen Solloway at the Golden Globes in January. The second season of Affair also featured Helen's viewpoint, wherein "she comes to terms with how not perfect she is."

"In Noah's point of view she was kind of this perfect martyr, but then you find out she's a lot more culpable in what made her marriage vulnerable, and watching her learn that was fun to play," she added.

Colin Donnell, who plays Scotty in The Affair, spoke to Digital Spy about his character and if he will return for season 3. Donnell said, "I haven't had any discussions, but they do certainly play with time a bit over there. As far as I know right now, Scotty is very much dead...and I think the car crash was pretty good evidence of that!"