"Affluenza teen" Ethan Couch reportedly could not contain himself from wildly spending while on the run from police, a recent report revealed. Couch allegedly spent over $2,000 (£1,359) on prostitutes and alcohol at a Mexican club frequented by the infamous El Chapo.

According to The Daily Mail, the 18-year-old was "staggering drunk" and had to be escorted to his hotel room by strip club workers. Couch's mother was woken up in order to pay the club's employees for her son's wild night out. The teen runaway had allegedly maxed out his debit card as he partied in the private room at the Puerto Vallarta strip club, Harem with two women.

"He had drunk a lot," a manager of the rival Prestige strip club said. Couch had stopped in at the club earlier in the night and "could hardly walk." The manager added: "I saw his debit card receipt from Harem, it was nearly 30,000 pesos (£1,179), and the line on his debit card was all zeros."

The teen – who was given a 10 year probation for killing four people after his defence team successfully convinced a judge he suffered from "affluenza" – and his 48-year-old mother, Tonya Couch fled their Fort Worth, Texas home in December after a video emerged showing her son violating his probation. The pair drove to Mexico with their dog and landed in Puerto Vallarta on 19 December.

During a five day stay at Los Tules, a beachside resort, Couch dyed his signature blond hair black and spent a night out on the town. He reportedly began the night at Prestige, where he spent 500 pesos and had one beer, before heading to Harem. Club manager Eduardo Dudinez claimed that no one remembers seeing Couch.

"But then, we asked the top management what we should say if we were asked by the press and they told us we should not say anything," Dudinez said. "So if I did know anything I wouldn't tell you!" He added: "We get all types of people here, from senators to El Chapo Guzman."

Couch and his mother were soon captured by Mexican police, and while his mother has already been returned to the US, the teen continues to fight the deportation process. His attorney Fernando Benitez told ABC News that it could be months before the teen is deported.

While he waits in Mexico, Couch is being held at a facility where he shares a room with three to four other people, officials revealed. Couch receives three meals a day and has access to a television, public telephones, an outside courtyard and unlimited access to medical care.

Tonya Couch is expected to appear in court on 5 January in Los Angeles. She was charged by the District Attorney for Texas Tarrant County for hindering apprehension of a felony and was set on a $1m bail.