Air India lizard
Air India denies reports of lizard in meal tray during Delhi-London flight Wikipedia

The government-run Air India airlines have denied that a lizard was spotted in a meal tray served to one of the passengers during a Delhi-London flight.

The controversy erupted after a purported passenger tweeted a picture of lizard inside the wrapped lunch tray, reportedly served during the journey.

A source was quoted as saying by the daily Times of India, "A passenger had asked for a special meal and so the flight attendant got his food tray from the galley. Soon after it was placed onto the tray, the passenger was heard screaming."

"It was a shocking incident. A number of passengers did not have their meal."

Though it was claimed the affected passenger has filed a complaint against the airline, it was swiftly denied by the firm, which had notoriously earlier run into similar controversies over poor standards.

A statement from the Air India read: "No such complaint by any passenger of the flight has been received on board the flight or at the Air India office in London."

Labelling the reports as "false and baseless", Air India entirely drubbed the reports which said to have taken place on the AI 111 Del-London flight on 11 June.

The usually-raucous Indian TV channels and social media are abuzz over the hullabaloo.