Princeton Baptist Medical Cente, where Johnny Lee Banks claims he lost his willy
Princeton Baptist Medical Center, where Johnny Lee Banks claims he lost his manhoody Google

An Alabama man is claiming doctors took his entire manhood when he had only wanted his hood removed in a circumcision operation.

Johnny Lee Banks is claiming Princeton Baptist Medical Center chopped off his entire penis in a bungled procedure to remove the foreskin.

Unsurprisingly, Banks claimed that he has suffered intense pain as a result and is now suing the hospital for an unknown sum for medical malpractice.

He claimed his wife - named Zelda - is also suffering as a result of the sudden void in his pants.

But the hospital has disputed the claim by dismissing it as "non-meritorious."

A spokesman said: "We have reviewed the allegations and find them to be non-meritorious. We intend to defend all counts aggressively."