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Aldi has said it will rename the paint Reuters

Supermarket chain Aldi has said it will rename a shade of paint currently called "rape yellow", after a survivor of sexual assault complained that it was offensive.

The customer, who has not been named, found the paint in a branch of Aldi in Coventry. She told the Coventry Telegraph that the discovery made her "furious and upset". She said: "I looked at the paint and thought it can't possibly say that, you have got to be kidding me, there's no way they would sell that. I started choking."

"I thought maybe I was being sensitive because of my situation," she added, "but I sent pictures to my friends and they were all shocked by it. They couldn't believe what I was saying."

In a statement, Aldi apologised, and confirmed that it would be looking to change the name of the paint, but argued that the name referred to rapeseed – a flower which shares its distinctively yellow shade. It said: "This paint is a colour widely referred to in the industry as 'RAL 1021 Rape Yellow', which refers to rapeseed. The colour name will be altered to rapeseed yellow for all future production of this paint."

One-litre tins of the quick-drying gloss are sold for £4.99, and the colour is listed as "rapeseed yellow" in Aldi's online store.

"How the hell did it get out with that name in the first place?" asked the customer, who is in her 50s, who is adamant that such labeling should never have been allowed to hit supermarket shelves. "You wouldn't sell something called abortion red or poo brown. To me it's the same thing, it's offensive.

"It is a word that is a problem. How many other words can you think of for yellow without using that one?"