Footage has emerged depicting the immediate aftermath of pro-Assad regime airstrikes on the Darat Izza, showing burning rubble of the northern Aleppo town's hospital.

The video, posted on the town's YouTube channel and independently verified, shows firefighters in the rebel-held area, 19 miles northwest of Aleppo city, as they attempt to bring the blaze under control.

Pictures on the hospital's Facebook page have shown the gutted remains of the medical facility following the bombing. The hospital, Reih Al Mursla, issued a statement following the attack, claiming it was the result of Russian air strikes on 16 August. It calling the bombing "barbaric" and added that a number of ambulances had been destroyed in the blast.

The UK-based Syria Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) has confirmed warplanes did hit targets in Darat Izza, and some had been wounded in the raids, but it was not clear whether Russian or Syrian aircraft carried out the attacks.

Since moving aircraft to Hamedan airbase in Iran, Russia's Ministry of Defence has said bombers have carried out airstrikes on Isis positions in Deir ez-Zor, destroying two command centres and field training camps. There is no mention of any strikes on Aleppo province.

Reports of civilian deaths as a result of airstrikes in the city of Aleppo have continued to emerge. The SOHR has said 24 civilians including three children were killed following airstrikes on Sakhur and Tariq al-Bab in Aleppo city. The death toll is expected to rise following further strikes on western suburbs of the city.

At the beginning of August Syrian doctors said in a statement that if airstrikes continued at their current rate there would be no hospitals left in Aleppo by the end of the month.

Amnesty international has called the targeting of health facilities, as well as public amenities, a deliberate part of the military strategy being employed by the Assad regime and its Russian allies in Syria.

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