Cynthia Scurtis and Alex Rodriguez have reportedly grown closer since he split from Jennifer Lopez in mid-April this year. It is said that they have been spending more time together now that the singer is no longer in the picture.

The former Major League Baseball player and his ex-wife have been hanging out as a family with their two daughters, Natasha,16, and Ella, 13. A source told US Weekly that he would invite Scurtis
"to accompany them to certain events or just to go out to eat." This supposedly makes "the girls happy too, to see their parents getting along well and getting to be together as a family again."

"Now that J. Lo's out of the picture, [Cynthia] is spending more time with the kids and Alex altogether," the source said, adding that she "wasn't the biggest fan" of the singer. Rodriguez has reportedly been leaning on her, but he "doesn't need support to get him through a breakup."

"He's a strong guy and has a lot going on in his life. He's more so hanging with Cynthia because she and [her husband] Angel [Nicolas] keep him company and are part of his inner circle that he trusts," the insider noted.

It is said that the 45-year-old athlete and Scurtis have become "good friends" and "work well at co-parenting" since their messy divorce in 2008. Another source told the publication that Rodriguez has no intention to start a romantic relationship with his ex-wife now that he is single. On the contrary, they have only "gotten closer as friends." He also has "a lot of respect" for Nicolas, a real estate advisor, with whom she shares a daughter.

"Cynthia and Alex's relationship started off very messy, but they've certainly got closer in the past year or so," the source said.

The exes were spotted getting lunch on Monday with their daughters. Nicolas and his daughter with Scurtis, along with the baseball player's nephew, were also at the lunch outing. Earlier this month, Rodriguez also shared photos with his ex-wife taken from their workout session in which he called her a "world-class mommy to our girls."

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Reuters