Alien goo
Alien goo

Mystery slime which appeared at a Somerset beauty spot may have come from outer space, after claims emerged of a 'comet' spotted in the area.

Alien-looking blobs appeared around Ham Well reserve in Somerset last week. Then pictures emerged of a UFO blazing a trail through the sky in the area.

The origin of the craft, which was snapped in the sky over Avalon Marshes, remains unexplained. Speculation on what exactly it was ranges from a flaming space satellite to a small Chinese lantern.

Wildlife photographer Annie Henderson spoke of the moment it appeared while she was snapping local birds.

"We were out photographing the starlings at 5.25pm and saw the bright thing in the sky, but thought it was just a high flying plane or a satellite.

"It was only the next morning that I uploaded the pictures on my computer and saw what was on the pictures when I zoomed in."

Drawing a causal link between the slime and the UFO is difficult and now speculation is claiming the alien goo may not be extra-terrestrial at all. Instead, frogs could be at the heart of the mystery.

The translucent goo could be the inedible part of a frog or toad coughed up by a bird. The ovaries can explode into a jelly-like mass.

Or it could be the leftover jelly from amphibian eggs from offspring which hatched and then quit the area.

Another theory has the unexplained slime as a funghi, which are often found after rainfall.

The incidents came to light in the wake of a huge asteroid strike in the Urals, in Russia. The space rock crashed to Earth in a shower of debris - causing panic, injuring up to 1,000 people and generating hours of sensational video footage.