UFO expert Malcolm Robinson, who has spent most of his life studying extraterrestrial sightings, believes that aliens do not come with a "peaceful agenda."

Robinson is one of the UK's top extraterrestrial specialists. He has written 10 books on aliens and UFOs over the years.

He spoke at length about UFO sightings and questions related to the existence of aliens. "Whilst a large proportion of UFOs can be explained away as having natural explanations, only a few remain, and it is to that small one percent that I and my colleagues worldwide are trying to get to the bottom," Robinson told the Daily Star.

He added that the UFO "enigma is real" and claimed that evidence about the same has been found in Renaissance paintings and old cave paintings. He was also asked about what aliens might want from humans, to which he replied that they certainly "have an agenda," but it cannot be said if it is peaceful.

"They have an agenda for sure, we can but speculate. I wouldn't say they are peaceful, due to the thousands of UFO abductions worldwide," he claimed.

Robinson had started his research on the subject in his 20s to prove all conspiracy theorists wrong, but ended up believing in them.

UFOs and aliens are one of the most interesting topics for science buffs. While there is no certain answer about the existence of aliens, several UFO encounters are reported every year. Unfortunately, the truth about them remains uncertain.

Belief in UFOs is a global phenomenon, with millions of people subscribing to ideas of unidentified flying objects, aliens, abductions, and government conspiracies. Last year, a report claimed that the oldest UFO sighting in the UK was recorded in 1742 during the reign of King George II of Great Britain.

The alleged UFO was spotted by a physician named Cromwell Mortimer, who was also secretary of the Royal Society. Mortimer was on his way home from Westminster in December 1742 when he spotted a shiny object.

Another UFO expert, Anna Whitty, also made quite astounding claims about aliens last year and said that they have always been on the planet and live under the oceans for protection.

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