Despite the Italian judicial system finding Amanda Knox guilty of murder twice and requesting her extradition from the US, the convicted murderer is currently a freelance journalist for her neighbourhood's daily, West Seattle Herald.

According to the Daily Beast, Knox was presented with the job not because The Herald wanted to use her notorious status but rather to give her the opportunity to lead a normal life.

"We approached her originally to give her the opportunity of a normal life," said Patrick Robinson, web editor for The Herald.

"We simply asked her as we would ask anyone of that age and stage, if they would be interested in writing for us as a qualified writer of that scale and this level of journalism."

Knox had initially preferred to freelance using a pen name, which the paper had permitted her to do.

"That was purposely to give her the protection of that and to give her the opportunity. She showed us writing samples and they were good," said Robinson.

Knox soon began writing under her own name after she "got her feet wet," and is covering a variety of news from human interest stories to local theatre.

"Amanda's a very bright, very capable, highly qualified writer. She's certainly been through a lot and been very easy to work with and very interested and eager in doing stories," added Robinson.

Knox has also signed a book deal in 2012 for an estimated $4m and a movie based on the book is in the works with Kate Beckinsale in the lead.

The murder

Knox was studying writing in Italy when she was found to be a murder suspect in the death of her roommate Meredith Kercher in 2007.

Both Knox and her boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were found guilty of murder in 2009, and the duo spent four years in prison before being acquitted in 2011 after independent experts put the evidence against them in doubt.

Knox returned to the US shortly after. However, a court upheld the 2009 guilty verdict in January 2014, sentencing Knox and Sollecito to over 25 years.

Knox has still not been extradited back to Italy as the case is being appealed.

Robinson says The Herald was aware of the negativity that was attached to Knox and hired her with a "note of caution,".

"It doesn't matter what people say or think—the truth is that she's a West Seattle resident, she grew up here. Why not give her the opportunity to be an actual human being versus a celebrity?" he added.

According to Robinson, all meetings with Knox are held privately though, "she's not hiding."