Amazon Prime Day 2016
Amazon sold record number of gadgets on the Prime Day Getty Images

Amazon's second Prime Day sale was its biggest sales day ever, with worldwide orders surging more than 60% over 2015, the company said.

It sold a record number of gadgets, although it remains unknown as to how many consumers signed up for the $99 (£75) annual subscription. There were numerous takers for tablets, Kindles, and the Echo speaker, but Amazon's Fire TV stick was the best-seller.

Amazon Prime vice president Greg Greeley said: "After yesterday's (12 July) results, we'll definitely be doing this again."

Like any other big day sales, this time too some shoppers experienced technical glitches, but were soon resolved. This year's Prime Day sales, which started on 12 July, surpassed 2015's by more than 50% in the US, which is considered the biggest market for Amazon. The company has added about 19 million US Prime members since last year's Prime Day, with the total numbering 63 million as of 30 June.

Amazon witnessed sales boost by late Tuesday (12 July), with orders for third-party merchants increasing by 30%, compared to the sales a year ago. The company has sold more than two million toys and one million pairs of shoes and more than 90,000 TVs.

"Whether it's video, e-readers, restaurant delivery, it all comes down to how much Amazon is part of your daily life. The more touch points Amazon can create with your daily routine the more it can monetise on membership," James Cakmak, an analyst at Monness Crespi Hardt & Co, told Bloomberg.

"It's a stellar number. They're well on their way to accelerating their mission of augmenting Prime usage," added Cakmak.

Last year, consumers were disappointed as the inventory ran out quickly and Amazon offered deals for obscure items such as shoe horns and food containers.

"If more Prime members shop more with Prime it pulls users away from everyone else. Not just Wal-Mart and Target, but apparel retailers too," said Poonam Goyal, an analyst with Bloomberg Intelligence.

"They probably created more sticky customers," with the sales. Others have to think harder about how they're going to compete with Amazon. They did a great job and it puts others at risk," Goyal said.