Aside from being an actress, Amber Heard is also now a motivational speaker on domestic violence and other pressing issues. She reportedly charges a hefty $33,000 to give talks on the matter.

The Harry Walker Agency listed the "Aquaman" star as an "actress, activist, and humanitarian" who is a "Women's Rights Ambassador, ACLU, and Champion of the UN Human Rights Office." She is "an outspoken advocate for women's rights and for the civil rights of survivors of all gender-based violence around the world."

Heard "works with organizations that encourage survivors both personally and politically to come forward and reclaim their power." She "makes frequent trips to DC to lobby and fight on behalf of the civil rights of women and the innumerable silent survivors of gender-based violence." The 33-year-old "Rum Diary" actress uses her "platform as a public figure to amplify her role as a humanitarian and to bring awareness to human rights issues."

Her profile on the website also includes her passion for "including LGBTQ rights and fighting for the political, social and economic aid and rights for refugees and migrants." She reportedly "frequently visits locations around the world to fight on behalf of marginalized communities from Syrian refugees, indigenous groups in Central America to migrants at the US border."

The agency describes Heard as an "eloquent and passionate speaker" who has given speeches in major global events like the UN Social Good Summit, Global Citizen Festival, the Incredible Women Gala, and the One Young World Conference. The site included a video of her speech at this year's Women's March.

She gives "deeply moving" talks and that she is a "fantastic choice" for any organisation looking for "some much-needed inspiration from a woman who walks day-to-day looking to be a contribution." Her participation is not for free though. She can be booked for a princely sum of $33,000.

Heard confessed to being a victim and survivor of domestic violence. But the recent turn of events in her legal battle with ex-husband Johnny Depp has not exactly been in her favour if netizens were to give their opinions. It remains to be seen then how many organisations will want to pay tens of thousands to hear her talk about domestic violence.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard poses at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in Los Angeles Getty