Amber Heard apparently still bears a grudge against Australia's former agriculture minister Barnaby Joyce because she named her new dog after him.

The "Aquaman" actress took to Twitter to introduce her new fluffy pooch and announced she named him after the now Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. Fans found the connection hilarious and took to the comments section to share their thoughts.

One wrote, "BAHAHAHAHA THAT'S EPIC!! I think the human version of him will appreciate your tribute anyway!" Another chimed in, "He wins the internet today. Hands down no better news can come today. Excellent way to close the year. You're in good hands, Barnaby Joyce Heard."

On hearing the news, Joyce sarcastically said that he feels honoured to still be in Heard's head after they got into a legal altercation years ago. He told The Australian that he was "fine" with the name choice and that he does not have "problems with animals."

He added, "I get a real sense of accomplishment that I'm still in her head long after I've forgotten about them. Obviously, I now rate above Johnny Depp."

Heard naming her new dog after Joyce could be a slight dig at their feud in 2015 when he threatened to have her two Yorkshire terriers Pistol and Boo euthanised. She had brought the animals aboard a private jet when she flew to Queensland to visit then-husband Johnny Depp, who was there to film "Pirates of the Caribbean."

She failed to secure the documents needed to allow her pooches to get into the country, and Joyce gave the couple an ultimatum. They were given days to either return the dogs to the U.S.A or have them put down.

Depp had then called the politician a "sweaty, big-gutted man from Australia." But he and Heard had to make a court-ordered apology nonetheless, for failing to ask permission for the dogs. They did so in a video where they expressed their regret and asked travelers to abide by Australia's quarantine laws. The country has strict rules when it comes to bringing outside animals into the country to prevent the spread of infections.

Amber Heard Barnaby Joyce
Amber Heard and Barnaby Joyce. Getty Images