The American "Made in the U.S.A" foundation has issued a statement attacking Apple for its use of "virtual slave labour," calling for Occupy protesters to "turn their anger" towards the iPhone maker.

The foundation issued its call to arms on Friday. In the statement Buy America attacked the iPhone and iPad maker's continuing use of foreign labour to manufacture its products. Apple's ongoing use of Foxconn - a Chinese company - to produce its iPhone, iPod and iPad devices was cited as a key example of Apple's "flawed" business practice. Specifically, Made in the U.S.A attacked the company's exploitation of Foxconn's employees.

"Foxconn is one of the primary subcontractors for Apple. It is the world's largest maker of electronic products, including the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Foxconn employs from 300,000 to 450,000 workers in Shenzhen, China at the Longhua Science & Technology Park, a cramped, walled campus sometimes known as "Foxconn City" or "iPod City," read Made in the U.S.A's statement.

Not letting sleeping dogs lie, the foundation went on to criticise Apple's recently deceased co-founder Steve Jobs. "Steve Jobs. Although he was brilliant, creative and a successful CEO, he had one flaw: he outsourced Apple. Mr. Jobs could have created a hundred thousand jobs in the United States, but instead he created them in China and Korea," said Made in the U.S.A of Apple's iconic co-founder.

The foundation's attack referred to the "sweatshop" allegations mounted against Apple back in 2006 when reports broke claiming Foxconn's Longhua plant's 200,000 workers were working 15-hour days for as little as $50 a month.

Attacking Apple's "greed" the foundation went on to call for participants in the current series of Occupy protests sweeping the globe to turn their attention towards the tech giant.

"With Steve Jobs untimely passing, perhaps it is time for Apple to bring some of these jobs back to the United States. Steve Jobs represents the one percent at the top of the pyramid that the 99 percenters are protesting on Wall Street. Maybe the protesters will turn their anger on Apple, and other companies like Nike, who charge premium prices for products made in sweat shops by virtual slave labor," read the foundation's call to arms.

Inspired by the Arab Spring and Spain's Democracia real YA platform, Occupy protests began after an Adbusters magazine blog post called for all like-minded individuals unhappy with the current global political and economic system to march on Wall Street and mount an ongoing sit-in-protest.

Since launching, the Occupy movement has since spread to cities across the world, seeing citizens pitch tents in public squares and mount sit-in-protests against the world's current political and economic systems.

At the time of writing Apple had not responded to the International Business Times UK's request for comment on Made in the U.S.A's allegations.