Mixing themes of the old west with modern fantasy and ancient mythology, American Gods sees ex-convict Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) let out of prison early following the death of his wife. (No spoilers, it's the catalyst to the whole story). After he gets out, he meets a mysterious man named Mr Wednesday (Ian McShane). For those who have read Neil Gaiman's book, the rest is history.

But before Shadow becomes a free man, his friend on the inside Low Key Lyesmith – a version of Loki, the Norse trickster god – clearly thought his cellmate needed some advice before he went out into the real world: "Don't p*** off those b*****s in airports!" Now, his whole monologue has been revealed by Starz in a new expletive-heavy clip (above).

"Take a lesson from Johnnie Larch," the character urges Moon during a wood workshop as he looks up at the sky in the sneak peek. "Johnnie Larch got out after five years. He gets to the airport, hands his ticket to the woman at the counter who asked for his driver's license. He gives it to her; she says, 'It's expired.'

"He says: 'It might not be a valid driver's license but it's a damn fine identification... Who the f*** you think that is?' She says: 'I'll thank you for not using that sort of language with me, sir'. He said: 'Give me my f*****g boarding pass, right now.

"Now, he has the right to take that tone; she was disrespecting him. You don't let people disrespect you in prison, why the f*** would he let her disrespect him as a free man? But she hits a button; security shows up; he's back in prison. You understand what I'm saying right now?"

While the latest clip is just a playful, short segment from the first episode, the fantasy show soon introduces Moon to a dangerous world of good and evil as Wednesday enlists him as a reluctant bodyguard-turned-errand boy. In Gaiman's novel (and presumably, the series now too), Wednesday is actually Odin, the Old Norse god of knowledge and wisdom, who has used his abilities to become an extremely successful con artist.

American Gods
Low Key Lyesmith (Jonathan Tucker) attempts to dish out some advice to Ricky Whittle's Shadow Moon before he's released from prison Starz

More recently however, he spends his days trying to recruit other gods to join him in the inevitable war between himself and others like him and the New Gods; beings who manipulate their followers with promises of wealth and fame. Can he align himself with enough deities to keep his kind in existence? You'll have to watch and see...

Also starring Emily Browning, Orange is the New Black's Pablo Schreiber, Gillian Anderson and Ian McShane, American Gods is set to premiere on 30 April 2017. The show will arrive on UK screens, via Amazon Prime, on 1 May.