Just one episode in and new Amazon's new series American Gods has left viewers stunned after it featured a scene where a woman swallows a man whole with her vagina.

Based on the 2001 best-selling book by Neil Gaiman, it already appears that the small screen adaptation – which is now available to stream on Amazon Prime with a new episode premiering each week – will not be shying away from its original source content.

The scene in question features in the first chapter of the book. It sees a man meet a woman off a dating website and end up in bed with her. This is no ordinary woman however, it is Bilquis (played by Yetide Badaki), a half-human, half-demon, who demands worship through sex and consumes her partner as he orgasms.

The character is loosely based on the Queen of Sheba, an ancient Ethiopian monarch and a forgotten goddess now in reduced circumstances.

While the overall reaction to the first episode of American Gods was positive, some just could not get over what they had witnessed.

Taking to social media, one declared: "What the actual f**k, literally."

A second Twitter user remarked: "I'm low key traumatised by the p***y eating sex scene."

While a third person on the micro-blogging site was mildly impressed by the act, writing: "Swallowed a dude up in her vagina… Helluva party trick."

Others praised showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green for staying faithful to the book.

"American Gods is literally the perfect adaptation of the book everything was just as I imagined it it's actual perfection," enthused one.

"A trippy, bloody and fantastic episode. They have captured the spirit of the book. Can't wait for more," agreed a second.

With a third adding: "Ok I am hooked! A LOT of new freshness for book readers, and stands on its own for any audience. Fantastic!"

American Gods
Yetide Badaki as Bilquis in American Gods season one Starz