The American Horror Story
The American Horror Story season 4 poster FX

American Horror Story: Freak Show returns with its 4<sup>th Season today, 8 October on FX at 10 pm.

The premiere episode is titled Monsters Among Us and the season is previewed to be the most twisted one yet.

According to the episode synopsis, "One of the only surviving sideshows in the country struggles to stay in business during the dawning era of television. When police make a terrifying discovery at a local farmhouse, the eccentric purveyor of the freak show sees an opportunity that will lead her troupe either to their salvation or ruin."

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This latest instalment of the popular cult show is about a group of misfit performers, led by former German cabaret star Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange), who arrive in the small town of Jupiter, Florida.

Jessica Lange in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, talks about her character in the show.

She says, "My character is very manipulative. She understands what's needed and she provides it. However the thing I want to be very clear that Elsa really loves these people. She truly cares for them in her own selfish narcissistic way. It's not just exploitation."

Elsa Mars' troupe includes Jimmy (Evan Peters), who was born with lobster-like hands, and his mother, bearded lady Ethel (Kathy Bates). "Ethel is basically Elsa's right hand woman," says co-creator Ryan Murphy.

"She helps run the camp, and she's sort of the guardian of the law. She had a real tragedy in that she was a real circus star in the '20s and 30s and then she had her baby and she became a down-and-out drunk, and Elsa saved her," he adds.

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